What are you doing RIGHT?

It happens to the best of us. We set a goal and start working towards that goal; then, we have a bad day, or a bad week. Does that bad day or bad week completely erase our progress? 


However, people are hard on themselves. We let our mistakes define us, and allowing ourselves to do that is a big hit to our own motivation and future progress.

For example, we had a client come in recently for her nutrition follow-up. She was worried that she wouldn't see results because she has been crazy busy and traveling for work. When we reviewed what she was doing right, we learned that she was incorporating more vegetables, meeting her step goals every day, as well as tracking portion sizes and food leading up to vacation. So why was this client so worried when she came in? In her mind, she was focusing on the one day she ate at a pizza buffet for lunch. She couldn't mentally get over that hurdle. 

Once this client hopped on the scale, she realized that she had lost weight, inches, and body fat. That was now her motivation.

If we focus on the one bad day, what we are not doing correctly, or how far we have to go in our journey, our default reaction is to want to quit.

Instead, look at the little things you are doing right. Maybe you are drinking more water or have reduced your alcohol intake. Maybe you are eating more consistently throughout the day or sleeping an extra hour or two. There are always bright spots along your journey. Then, when you recognize that what you are doing is working, you will want to continue on your journey. 

Remember, success leads to motivation. 

During your journey, make a conscious effort to really think about what you are doing right and build off of that instead of thinking about how far you have to go. 

Your goal is life-long changes, and they don't happen overnight. 

Our nutrition & fitness programs include goal setting sessions that help you map out a realistic plan and eating schedule. Shoot us a message if you're interested in setting up a free health consultation with one of our coaches.

We look forward to meeting you!

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