The Problem with Dieting

Most diets don't work.

There, we said it. They work for awhile.

They work while you have enough "willpower" to adhere. But you know something about willpower? It's finite. We can't rely on it forever.

If you want a strong, healthy body for the long term, whatever you're doing today needs to be something you can imagine yourself still doing a year from now and beyond.

If you've ever had the following thoughts, you're not alone:

"I'll be happy when I weigh _____."

"I'll be happy when I can fit into a size _____."

"When I finally achieve _____, I will go back to eating 'normally'."

These statements are what we refer to as the DIET MINDSET. It's short-term focused and unsustainable. Too often in weight loss, we have a restrictive mindset. We say, "I can't have that!" But what if we changed our mindset to one of abundance?

What if you thought, "I get to eat all of these beautiful, colorful foods that will nourish my body." Or, "I choose not to eat cookies." See the simple difference? It is so much more empowering!

So, what's your choice? A short term mindset of restriction or a long-term mindset of abundance? If you're ready to take action on your health and fitness, let's chat. Shoot us a message or set-up a time to meet with coach LaNay here.

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