Changing Your Mindset

Trying to balance the responsibilities of work, school, family -- LIFE is tough! With our fast paced lives it's tempting to look for a quick fix, even when it comes to nutrition. Convenience foods, not always healthy options, are readily available and in the short term, leaving us time to tend to all of our responsibilities.

But what happens at the end of a quick fix diet? Often we are left unsuccessful, depleted, unhappy, and return right to our old habits.

There are some mindset exercises you can apply to your day to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, aimed at avoiding the burden of chronic disease.

Think about going into your day with a plan. Just like you would go into a workout with a plan, mentally prepare yourself to go into your day with a plan for health--a way to stay on track with healthy eating, water consumption, exercise, and adequate sleep. For some, that means setting a schedule for the entire day, including alarms to encourage activity, or it might mean prepping simple foods to deal with busier times of the day. 

Having a plan ensures you do not resort to "winging it." With a plan for your day, you are priming yourself to make good choices, which results in stress management and self control. Your day does not have to be perfect. Rather than beating yourself up for imperfections, think to yourself that the cumulative effect of small successes with executing your plan for healthy living over time has the power to lead to a quality life without the burden of chronic disease.

I challenge you to ask yourself: “What is my plan TODAY to stay focused on my health?”

Avoid the temptation of the quick fix. Avoid the temptation of giving in and quitting because you don't see immediate results. The plans you set TODAY are laying the foundation for long term health. THAT is a powerful thought.

Stay positive! You've got this.

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