Andy Sodersten

Head Coach

B.A.S. Physical Education

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
USAW Sports Performance Coach

CrossFit Kids Trainer

CrossFit Gymnastics

CrossFit Running 

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Josie Sodersten

Assistant Coach/Manager

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

CrossFit Scaling

A self-proclaimed "fat kid" Josie understands how normal people may feel about diet and exercise.  Not everyone wants to be an elite athlete and she gets that.  Most of us just want to lead a healthier life and feel better in our own skin.  Josie believes CrossFit's fitness methodologies are the answer to a healthier life for anyone, regardless of your athletic capabilities or background.  Josie started her journey with CrossFit in 2012 and has seen the results first hand of how it can change your body and mind.  


Caroline North

Assistant Coach

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Caroline started CrossFit in 2010 after a friend had tried it and suggested she might like it. Might like it was an understatement- she has been hooked ever since! The benefits are endless, not just for physical health but also for mental health. CrossFit opened a can of confidence that spilled into other areas of her life and has continued to impact her today. She coaches because the feeling she gets when someone does something they never thought they could is inspiring and rewarding. Caroline specializes in coaching pregnant athletes safely towards the goal of a healthy baby, labor & delivery and returning to fitness safely post birth. Caroline has a keen attention to detail from military service that ensures athletes succeed in learning complex movements. She is always chasing virtuosity: doing the common uncommonly well.


Justin Fenlon

Assistant Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Justin has been into sports and fitness his entire life.  He is an avid hunter and outdoorsman.  Justin was introduced to CrossFit in the summer of 2013 by Coach Andy.  Being a financial adviser as a professional, Justin has been coaching people nearly his entire career; but in finances, not fitness.  CrossFit's methodology resonated with Justin and he fell in love with the Sport of Fitness.  Early on in his CrossFit journey, the big weights, complex lifts, and never-ending string of PR's were fascinating to Justin.  Shortly thereafter when the PR's slowed, the overall sense of "well-being" took over.  This fitness regimen changed his life.  It was then, Justin decided to take on coaching by getting his L1 in the summer of 2018 and share his passion for the sport with others.  Justin continues to love CrossFit with his wife, Kelsey, and other family members that took note to his fitness passion.  Justin's keen eye for detail in lifts and movements and is a great addition to the Fairmont CrossFit coaching team.        


LaNay Hervey

Wellness Coordinator / Assistant Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Having been an athlete through college, LaNay was searching for structure in her fitness routine after graduation. The afternoon gym sessions and long runs alone were not enough to keep her motivated. Since walking into her first Crossfit gym in 2015, she has never felt more welcomed. LaNay loves helping other improve their overall lifestyles, and her main goal as a coach is to encourage other athletes to step outside their comfort zone.  As one of the smaller athletes in the gym, Olympic weightlifting is one area she may often scale; but she knows the adaptations are exactly what every athlete needs to feel comfortable enough to get started, but continuously be challenged. LaNay specializes in gymnastics movements and also enjoys a good cardio burner.


Ashley Allevan

Assistant Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Ashley started CrossFit journey in June of 2017. What she enjoys most about CrossFit is the way it makes her feel mentally and physically. After struggling through addictions, CrossFit became her outlet. Ashley love the community, the people, and the push to be better than you were before. Not just physically - but all around.She love that in CrossFit there are always things you can improve and she is passonate helping people improve their lives through functional fitness.


Becky Anderson

Assistant Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Becky as been an avid CrossFitter for over three years.  She has over seven years of experience in the fitness industry as a NETA certified personal trainer training a variety of clients from a candidate for West Point to coaching middle school students. She has been an athlete most of her life from running in the Junior Olympics, playing volleyball, running track and field as a sprinter/hurdler to bicyling, lifting weights, running and now CrossFit.  Through trial and error she found what she loves and what works best for her.  As a teacher for 20+ years she never stops teaching or learning.  Her goal is to share her knowledge she's squired over the years to help you reach your goals injury free with a focus on proper movement, functional fitness, and good nutrition.